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Initiated by Llandudno based artist Alana Tyson,, explored the many facets of motherhood. Tyson found becoming a mother a completely life altering experience, her practice irrevocably changed, she found herself questioning can you be a mother and an artist? Choosing to believe the answer is yes, Tyson has also come to the conclusion that for her the two are symbiotic, she is both at all times.


Tyson invited several other North Wales based mother-artists to participate in a mini residency, culminating in a group exhibition and site specific works. Alongside the resultant installations were several workshops with local mothers in which they could unleash their creativity and explore their own status as mothers.



Boob Car and Quack, Quack, Quack


Boob Car is a soft fabric breast, pertly perched on wooden toy wheels. It is deceptively friendly and sweet; a child’s plaything. There are plenty of boobs in art, yet this piece shockingly repositions the breast from a source of pleasure only deemed appropriate for adult males. The breast is nourishment, comfort, but also amusement for the child. With breastfeeding rates in Britain the lowest in the World, yet the health benefits undeniable, this is a crucial societal problem.